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Inspired by the birth of his daughter, Bill Xiang made it a mission to discover different ways to raise his little girl. He soon realized how much an impact our society can have on a young child’s upbringing into womanhood. Xiang then created REALHER: a high quality, certified cruelty-free and paraben free makeup brand featuring empowering and inspiring affirmations inscribed on each of their products. REALHER empowers with every application. Their goal is to encourage each individual to always be their most authentic self: to be REALHER. “Our mission is to inspire and bring out the best in every individual, to know their worth, to feel proud of their individuality, to love each and every one of their flaws, and to not fear who they really are. Each product comes with a self – affirmation to remind us every day that we are enough.” - Xiang


Dress for You.