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Sound Bath Reservation: Register HERE! 

Join Anastasia Lindsey for an evening of sound healing.

Sound Healing is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the mind, body, and soul.

The sounds, vibrations, and tunes from the Crystal Sound Bowls and other instruments are heard by the ear, but most importantly, felt by the body. The vibration of the bowls is felt on a cellular and molecular level that help and assist in re-energizing your auric field. Each tune and sound that you hear will resonate with and affect your energy centers! These sounds and vibrations are attuned for healing and balancing. The vibration of the bowls allows the cells in your body to vibrate at their optimal rate! When you participate in a sound bath, you will feel deeply relaxed, at peace, & might even fall asleep!

There are many benefits to a sound bath including: reducing stress & anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing sense of peace & calm, boosting your energy, assisting with pain management, and much more.

This is a safe environment and free of judgement. Come and be comfortable, relax, and experience a state of deep relaxation! You may bring anything that will help you feel comfortable, including yoga mats, eye-masks, pillows and blankets. There will also be chairs and a couch available if you prefer to sit!