About Grey House Goods

3 years into our GHG Journey:

My name is Grace and I am the owner of Grey House Goods! I’m 32, I’ve been married to my husband, Adam, for almost 10 years and we have a little boy, Pierce, who is 2.5! My journey in the apparel world started 3 years ago, but I have to back up a bit for you to get the entire story!

25 years ago, my mom owned a small little shop in downtown Assumption, called Freckles, she sold home decor & crafts! My brother and I walked to this shop every day after school and spent many years hanging out in the old buildings up town! 7 years ago my mom started another business, Grey House Goods, where she sold repurposed furniture and decor. Life got a little busy and the doors to Grey House Goods closed 4 years ago!
3 years ago, we decide to open Grey House Goods again but rebrand it and go the apparel route and this time I was going to run it! I think we all knew this was a possibility for me at some point! I have a degree in art, a good amount of experience in entrepreneurship and I was the kid designing my own clothes in middle school and high school because I wanted unique pieces! 2 of my prom dresses and my wedding gown were designed or had design altering sketched by me! When I came back to apparel 3 years ago it made sense, it felt like home!!
We ran Grey House in the basement of our home in St. Louis for 1.5 years and then purchased a 120 year old building in downtown Assumption a little over a year ago!
We gave the building a lot of love to bring it back to life (it’s still a work in progress), we provided another business on the main strip in little Assumption and we’ve been able to add 8 people to our payroll in our small community of 1,200! 1 being my mom who is our shipping manager and just recently my sister who has taken over our receiving of inventory. I will be honest, it feels like a dream come true to be living this out of its my mom and sister on our team now! I am so proud of what we’ve done here at Grey House between reviving an old build and providing jobs. I know our staff is small, with only 8, but it’s always been a dream of mine to build something that would allow me give to others! I am so proud that Grey House can provide for other families!
We are small when it comes to the apparel world, but I think we are pretty mighty! We are a brand that truly values community whether it’s here in Assumption or her in our VIP group. And we are a brand that supports you no matter what season of life you are in and feels privileged to be a part of your story! We are a brand that rides on authenticity and going the extra mile! We are a brand that has been build to represent YOU!
1 Year into our GHG Journey: 
I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, artist, introvert, coffee lover and faith filled business owner who left an executive career to live life at a different pace. I have a lot of titles, some goods, some maybe not so good, like chocolate chip cookie lover...I just can’t cut myself off, or worst speller in the world. But at the end of the day I always find myself and who I am rooted in 1 thing, I love encouraging and empowering women. I believe encouragement given to 1 woman can change the heart of a household. A household can impact a neighborhood which can create change in a community. When we choose joy, encouragement and positivity in a world where it is so often lacking, we are making a difference and we are impacting lives!! So Grey House Goods was born in a moment of transition. I had left my successful career, I was 20 weeks pregnant and I was experiencing another sleepless night due to pregnancy and a journaling session filled with “what’s next” questions!! On December 15th 2017 I created our Grey House Community and have continued to journal and pray everyday that this is what’s next! So fast forward to today, I still have some of the same titles. I am a super happy wife to Adam, who is a grade school teacher! He is now a box carrier, recycling guy and of course post office runner as well 😃. I am a new mom to Pierce Samuel. Introvert, coffee lover and faith filled business owner....I am still all of those today! I am taking this new journey 1 day at a time, praying often, and sneaking in a hand written note of encouragement every chance I can get because it starts with me and my grey house.