15.5 Inches Wooden Train Shape Sorter and Stacking Toys

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This toy is a set of wooden train toys made from high-quality sustainable natural wood. It not only provides an educational play experience but also aligns with the principles of Montessori and STEM education. 💡Creativity Development: Children can unleash their creativity and imagination by rearranging and stacking the wooden blocks. ⚙️Dynamic Experience: Pulling the pull-along cord activates the red wheels of the train to spin smoothly, giving children a sense of mechanics. 🌌Spatial Awareness Cultivation: Through the spatial arrangement during play, the toy helps children develop spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Package Dimensions:6.4*4.9*6.3inch Recommended Age: Ideal for kids aged 3 years and up. Material: Made from high-quality sustainable natural wood, this toy is safe, eco-friendly, and reliable.