A Fresh Look at Summer
A Fresh Look at Summer

A Fresh Look at Summer

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Taylor Cothern - July 3, 2022

The beginning of a new year often brings fresh starts for people. It’s a time when people set goals, make New Year’s Resolutions, and create a plan for what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. But, I am sure we have all known someone, or have been that someone, that didn’t exactly see our plan or goal through. 

That’s why I don’t set a goal for the whole year. I break my year up into smaller sections. Sometimes I set multiple small goals to achieve a big goal. Sometimes I  just really want to accomplish a specific task, but don’t take the time to focus on it because I get caught up in all of the things life throws my way. So, a smaller window to accomplish the task helps hold me accountable. Finally, I love this method because if I don't accomplish the goal early in the year, it gives me another opportunity to try again, with a fresh start later in the year. And let’s be honest, sometimes things come up mid year and we think, “Wow that would be a great New Year’s resolution!” Don’t wait, do it now. 

Summer is one of the fresh starting points in the year. So many things change in the summer - vacations, warmer weather, longer days, and sometimes, a whole new schedule. Without a doubt, the warm sun brings such a relief to our body, and usually a smile to our face. 

At the beginning of summer, I set goals that are just for summer. These goals are set with the idea in mind that they are short term. They are something that should not cause me stress, but rather bring joy to my life. They are goals that will add positivity to my life. Some of the goals are things that I don’t do at all, or enough, throughout the rest of the year. The purpose of setting goals this way is to hopefully build a habit throughout the summer, when it feels light-hearted, energized, and refreshing. Or, maybe it’s something just for the summer, and that’s okay too.

So, what are some goals I set for myself in the summer? - taking at least one book off of my “to be read list,” exercise, reading a spiritual book, learning new recipes, attending a specific amount of family/friend activities or gatherings, or learning a new art. Now, I do not do all of these things each summer, they change each summer based on where I am at in life, and what I need to fill my cup during this time. 

There is still a lot of summer left, which means plenty of time to set a small goal and accomplish it. What is something that brings you joy, but you seem to put on the back burner because of time? Take a look around your community, what activities are offered that you could take advantage of? Whether it’s something you do everyday, or once a week, I can guarantee you each time you do your chosen activity, you will feel so much joy! And remember, it’s never too late to start fresh. 

Taylor Cothern is a wife and mother who also loves teaching writing to 6th graders. In addition, Taylor loves writing herself in hopes that each idea will touch the life of someone else. 

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