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NEW ROLE for Audrey!!

Hey GHG!! I am passing RETURNS over to Audrey!! She’ll be the lady at the shop processing ALL RETURNS from here on out!!

I’m super excited to be passing this task on to someone else!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I want to recap a couple things on this post & give you some NEW policies we’ll implement with RETURNS!! (Like emailing instead of sending FB messages 😜)

+ IMPORTANT!! Protecting my staff from burn out or feeling the burden of working outside of the hours they are already giving to GHG is something that I WILL PROTECT!! So, you DO NOT have permission to message Audrey personally about a return!! We have a designated email for Orders and Returns that she will have access to on Thursday, Friday and Saturday when she is at the shop!!

+Please email all RETURN questions to with ATTN:RETURNS in the email header!

+RETURN e-mails will only have correspondence on Thursday, Friday & Saturdays.

+Please allow 2 weeks from the time your return is delivered to us for processing! If you believe it’s been more then 2 weeks, please check your tracking to ensure your package reached us. If you have confirmed that it’s reached us and it’s been 2 weeks, please e-mail us at

+Please do not send me a FB message about a RETURN! Please e-mail

+ALL returns will be processed via store credit as a GIFT CARD that can be used in store or on our website only. Return Gift Cards can ONLY BE USED on our website, NOT our app!

+RETURN gift cards will not work on our app! Because we offer amazing perks like CASH BACK on our app, we can not have return gift cards earning cash back multiple times! Gift cards can only be used on our website.

+Can you return your item? Check our policies here!

+Need to know where to ship your RETURN? Check our policies here!

+Ready to process a RETURN! Find the return form here!!

LAST THING!! Audrey will be posting returns in our SIZE chats first!! So, before they get added to the website or on our floor at the store, they’ll get posted there for GRABS!! If you would like to join a size chat, please comment & let us know!!

LAST LAST THING!! You can still send me PM’s about all kinds of other things! I just had to take SOMETHING off my plate, so this felt like an easy thing to pass onto Audrey! 😘