Grace's Life Update!!

How about a life update!!
Our theme this month for our Blog posts has been FRESH!! As we left June and entered into July I really sat with that theme and allowed myself the month to step back and look at things with a fresh perspective!
+I decided to take the month off from going LIVE! I love hanging out with you LIVE, but I wanted a fresh take on how I could navigate this world of LIVE sales while also taking care of myself mentally and giving you a space through lives that really add value! I’m feeling really fantastic about where we are headed for August! We’ll be back and it will be even better! 
+I’ve cooked, baked and prepared even more food this month! We navigate a lot of hurdles when it comes to food sensitivities and I’ve enjoyed the lengthy and sometimes complicated process of food prep this month! Allowing myself to totally unplug while I’m preparing food for my family has provided such a fresh perspective on what I can offer my family.
+I’ve painted A LOT and I’ve allowed myself to go back to some of the processes that really fuel my soul. Through this it gave me a fresh perspective on wrapping up a program I’ve been developing the last 90 days.
+I am putting the final touches on an Intuitive Art Class for Processing and Healing that I will be able to provide to special needs mothers and mothers who have navigated birth traumas or newborn disruptions in our community. My time away from lives and launch prep this month has allowed me the space to finish this program that I believe is needed in our community!
+I’ve READ & participated in a book club! Something I’ve never had the desire to do, but approaching it with an eagerness to experience and participate has been a blessing for me!
+We’re tackling Pierces separation anxiety! Adam and I take a walk around the block every night as a family member hangs out with him in our yard! Our first night was 1 lap around the block. Our 2nd night was 4 and we’ve built up every night since! Stepping away from our GHG LIVES in the evening has allowed us to approach Pierce’s anxiety with a slow and steady approach and a consistent one to build up that timeframe! After a year of no alone time, Adam and I are really enjoying the chance to talk as we walk circles around the block!
+This week has been hard for our community, here in Assumption. And though there are really no words or even actions that feel sufficient enough to provide any type of comfort, I’ve locked into the slower pace we’ve established this month for GHG and prayed, sat, listened, checked in and became even more still. I’m still processing this one and will continue to take the time that is needed. Sitting, praying and checking in is what feels right, right now. I know, as a community here at GHG, we will HELP & contribute. But, with anything, I put an immense amount of thought, time and prayer into how we support our community & individuals. I don’t think it’s time yet, the needs for the long list of individuals involved will extend well beyond this week.
If you’re looking for a reason to slow down, step back or even gain a FRESH perspective I hope my “life update” list has encouraged you. I’m going to continue to lean into FRESH perspectives this month and move at a slower pace but I truly believe we’ll be an even more vibrant, encouraging and authentic community as we step into August.