Jan 30th Sunday Post!

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Happy Sunday Grey House Family! I hope your weekend has been filled with some joyous moments and sequences of rest to fill you up for this week!

Here is your BIG Sunday post and an even BIGGER giveaway announcement!! We are planning on giving away $100 worth of REWARDS this week! But first....here's what's happening!

+Sunday 7pm we'll have St. Patricks Day graphic tee's, raglans and tanks available for you! This will only be a 24 hour Pre-Order...so get your order in before 7pm Monday night!

+Monday 7pm, Wednesday 9:30am and Friday 9:30am we will have our warehouse launches!! 30+ pieces coming at you sizes S-3XL!

+Tuesday morning at 9:30am I'll have a mini shoe launch for you!

+BLOG POST!! We have a momma who is going to start writing a BLOG post once a month for GHG! I think you're really going to love her pieces! I've already read it and.....tears! I'll be posting this on Wednesday evening for you to enjoy! P.S...I am all about supporting YOU in this arena! If you would love to share in BLOG form with GHG, just reach out!

+We are going to do another CLAIM IT on Thursday night during our Sneak Peek LIVE! I am really enjoying these with you! It's kinda brought me back to how simple things were when we started 4 years ago. Let's hang out from 6:30-7:30 on Thursday!

+Our Store is OPEN! Come see us!! Tuesday & Thursday 4-7pm and Saturday 9am-4pm!

Ok, let's chat about this weeks GIVEAWAY!!! We are keeping it really simple! EVERY post that reaches 50 LIKE\LOVES & 50 Comments will have a 1,000 point rewards winner picked from that post!! We are prepared to GIVEAWAY up to $100 in rewards!! So LIKE/LOVE and comment away this week! This applies for anything in our group, on our page or in our Comment Selling group!
P.S You can WIN more than once!
P.S.S I've been known to double my GIVEAWAYS!!! If we have a really great week there is a chance I'll be bumping things to $200!

Now let's have an amazing week supporting each other, spreading love and continuing to make this the best community out there!


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