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We are making a couple adjustments in these categories! So please READ & initial!


+We are switching to APP & IN STORE Rewards ONLY!! Our new app has an amazing built in feature, so I want to take advantage of it! We will REWARD shopping on the app & in store! IN STORE purchases will have a manual upload of APP points at the end of a shift IF you have downloaded our APP!

+REWARDS on our APP will show up as CASH BACK!! You can use your CASH BACK at any time! 🙂 If your CASH BACK builds up to $20+ it will be transferred into our REWARDS shopping BANK!! This is something special we are going 2 times a year for those of you who build up your CASH! Twice a year we will double your CASH & let you shop a special collection curated just for our VIP CASH BACK participants! I am thinking July & January!

+We will always allow returns! I want you to absolutely LOVE your GHG! However, when a return is processed we give YOU the full amount back in credit, but we loose the fee's associated with the order and any REWARDS money that was earned/used from that order. So, if someone purchases & returns multiple times using the same gift card they were e-mailed for their return we are loosing money multiple times because we always honor your purchase amount even though we do not get the fee's back on a return! Multiple returns on the same gift card used multiple times often results in our accounts going into the negative for that purchase. I do not want to charge a restocking fee or limit returns ect, so my solution is to continue to eat the cost of the fee's but not the cost associated with REWARDS that have been used because of the points built up prior to the return! A really simply way to FIX this is by only allowing RETURN CREDIT to be via gift card for our WEBSITE or in store! When you shop on the website with your gift card REWARD points wont accumulate. When you shop in the store with your gift card we will simply not add in your reward points at the end of the shift. This way you only earn REWARDS points on the initial purchase....I think this is fair and an easy way to make sure we can still process RETURNS in an effective way while also making sure you get your REWARDS!!


+Currently GIFT CARDS only work in store or on our website! If you get a gift card from a family member/friends as a GIFT (not a return) and prefer using the APP....just reach out! We'll transfer it right over! We know a lot of you prefer the app!

+Keep processing Returns like normal! Make sure you fill out the form & mail it back to the correct address! P.S...if you want your return processed quicker...drop a note in your bag with the order number! It's not required, but it helps me find your order so much quicker! When that info isn't included I have to click on every order you've made and try to find the order that particular item was in!

+Current REWARDS!! We turned off SMILE and turned on our CommentSold REWARDS within seconds of each other! There was no gap in reward earning! A VERY large excel sheet has been printed (40 pages) and I am transferring current REWARD points into coupon codes for everyone! This will be a slow process! If it's urgent that you get bumped to the front of the line for coupon codes, just reach out!