Noggin Healer – Headache Relief Roller Ball Remedies – Essential Oil Blends

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*Please note the fragrance is different in photo

We’ve crafted our roller ball remedies. Each roller ball contains pure essential oils blended with fractionated coconut oil. Aches + Pains – Soreness Soother Bite Me! – Bug Bite Soother, Force Field – Plague Protector (our version of Thieves) Happy Cramper – Menstrual Cramp Calmer Noggin Healer – Headache Relief No’ Mo’ Cold Sore – Fever Blister Buster Rise + Shine – Foglifter Serenity Now – Peace Promoter Sweet Dreams – Slumber Inducer Get Sh*t Done – Focus Booster Ain’t Scarred - Scar Serum