Sunday Jan 9th FB Announcement!

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Alright Grey House family, you're getting pretty good at this! Show me a screen shot in the comments of your favorite piece this week! We'll be adding 1,000 POINTS to someone's Rewards account!! THEN.....comment on someone else's screen shot! We'll drop another 1,000 POINTS into someone else's account!

Here's what you need to know right now!
+Our Valentine Collection closes at 7pm TONIGHT!! Get those orders in!
+We will have another Graphic Tee & Sweatshirt Pre-Order rolling out tonight! But this one will only be 24 hours! Look for that at 7pm!
+We are doing a MEGA Live this week with Amanda! Tune in on Tuesday to see Wednesday & Friday's New Arrivals + a Recap from last week!
+We might....might pull off a mini shoe launch this week! I'm not putting it into the schedule because I'm still trying to figure it all out!
+We're dropping a SELFIE Contest on, start taking those selfies through out the week!
+We have something called SIZE CHATS!! They are private FB chats where I let you know if something is almost sold out in your size or if we get a restock etc! They are really great chats to be a part of! Let me know if you need added to one!
+Comment Selling Group! We've slowed down on the posting inside this group! However, if you prefer scrolling and seeing all of our new arrivals before you hit the website or app, join this group! We drop all of our new arrivals there and you can even comment for an invoice! It's kinda amazing! You follow the prompting and comment and a link shows up in your FB messenger!! YEAH!

Here is this weeks actual schedule!
+We are wrapping up Valentines Pre-Order & Starting a New one!
+630pm LIVE Sneak Peek w/ Grace
+7pm- New Arrival launch
+9:30AM'ISH - AMANDA is LIVE with a MEGA LIVE! 📷
+Shop is Open 4-7pm for curb side pickup
+Itzy Ritzy Launch at 7pm
+9:30AM NEW Arrivals Launch!
+9:30AM - CLAIM IT post!! I loved this last week!
+Shop is Open 4-7pm for curb side pickup
+9:30AM New Arrivals Launch!
+Shop is open 😍9am-4pm with curb side pickup!
SUNDAY 16th - We start over again & announce all the WINNERS!

Now, don't forget to screen shot your favorite piece to WIN!!

Starbucks GIFT CARD WINNER - Leesa Chestnut
Valentines Earrings WINNER - Katie Meyer
GHG Points - Erica Worthy

Dress for You.