3.2.21 || Letter from Grace

Did you know? ⏬⏬
We're been a "slow and steady" type of business around here! Grey House has been around for over 3 years now and we've grown steadily!
During our first 6 months (I was pregnant and then with a newborn) I would head to our basement everyday and package the 1-2 orders that came in! We would launch new arrivals 1-2 times a month and I equally spent my time running the business, learning how to better the business and evaluating where I could increase while taking care of what I've built! 📦📦📦
This is where the slow and steady comes in! Along the way, I've pressed pause often to check in on you, myself, my family and the pulse of the business! I've made decisions to increase or speed up in certain areas because I felt like we were ready and I could still serve you with the increase expected on the horizon and I've made decisions to slow down in other areas because balancing it all in a healthy way has always been my number 1 priority!
Today we average 500 orders a month or 12-18 a day! We launch styles much more often then 1-2 times a month and I am still running the business, learning how to better the business and evaluating where to increase while taking care of YOU, the foundation of what we have here! 📬
So a couple things.
1. Thanks for going on this journey with us! Whether you've been around since day 1 or just placed your 1st order last week! You are a part of our steady growth and we appreciate you so much!
2. I'm here to tell you we will continue to play the slow and steady game! I am not willing to compromise my family or the foundation of this business I've built so I will continue to take things 1 step at a time to make sure I am serving everyone to the best of my ability along the way! If you can get behind a conscientious business that truly weighs every decision, I'm your girl! If you need a fast & furious environment, I give you permission to dump me haha. I'm sticking with my race!
3. Now, just because we are slow and steady does't mean I am not dreaming big! I do dream of 2,000 order months and major daily launches! I dream of taking the Grey House staff on a beach retreat where we plan out the entire year and cutting a big check to our local school district so that the theatre, sports, or art camp can acquire what's on their dream list! I dream of building a brand that's impact reaches farther than what's in a closet! I dream big and often while checking in to make sure we are still serving and impacting in the same way we did when it was 2 orders, 10 orders and now 500 orders!
Did you know we are a brand that is truly weighing all the options often! We are a brand that is looking beyond the bottom line. We are brand that carries a grateful heart for what we've built thus far and what we will continue to build moving forward! 💗💗💗
I hope we can be your brand! 🙂
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