Team + Size Chart

We try on every piece and review sizing suggestions within our VIP FB group. We recommend following our guided suggestions on sizing up or down. You can find suggestions within the description of the product. 
Meet our TEAM & review their sizes. 
Meet Grace - She is 5'1" and wears a size 0-3 in bottoms and XS-small in tops. 
Meet Rainey - She is 5'3" and wears a size 3-5 in bottoms and small in tops. 
Meet Kaitlin - She is 5'8" and wears size 16-18 in bottoms and 2X in tops.

Judy Blue Size Recommendations *Please refer to exact measurements on each piece. 
Approximate Size Chart for our Luxe & Basic pieces.
Approximate Size Chart for our Mono B Work Out line.