A collection of Notes for 2022

A Note from Leesa


Embrace the Now.

You may be “just” graduated, engaged, diagnosed,  divorced, married, or some other life changing stage. Embrace whatever good is there. Whatever lessons there are to learn, whatever people there to love, embrace the Now. 

When I had three children under the age of three years old, I went through a hard season. During all the diaper changing, sippy cup finding, nursing, and literally only surviving, older moms would tell me, “Enjoy this time, you’ll miss it!”

Fact: Those three sons, now have a younger brother and my four boys are 17, 16, 14, 9. I never missed those days. Never. 

While I don’t miss those times of stress, worry, and no sleep, I do regret that I often did not embrace the Now. I went from one “emergency” to the next and often did not stop to focus on the Now. (Luckily, I took photos, so I know all my boys were fed and clothed. They are smiling so it must not have been too bad for them.) But honestly, I have no memories of those years. I was not healthy--mentally, spiritually, physically, or emotionally. 

With help, I have left that stage behind and gotten back on track. A good deal of my healing has come from awareness and being present in the Now. In the Now, I must ask myself some questions:

Am I getting enough sleep? Am I being thankful for what I have? Am I eating in a  healthy way? Am I drinking enough water? Am I moving my body every day? Am I reading? Am I taking my supplements? Am I decreasing poor habits and replacing them with good habits? Am I cherishing the people around me? Am I praying? Am I recognizing a need for change? Am I choosing good friends? Am I continuing to learn and grow?

This is what Embracing the Now is. We change and grow, learn, and excel and all the while we must be  present in the Now. We aren’t promised a better tomorrow—or even a tomorrow. Don’t wait until the next stage comes. None of us have “arrived” at any point in our lives. We can all become better, stronger, healthier people, but don’t wait. Love yourself now. Be present in your daily life. Turn the corner to 2022 and really take the time to see those around you. See yourself. Embrace the Now.


Leesa is a sinner saved by grace, the wife of an IL farmer, a homeschooling mom of four sons (17-9) and a encourager of women at all ages.

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