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A Timeless Tradition

November 27, 2022 - Taylor Cothern

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, traditions are what make them so much fun! When my son as born, I started a tradition with him that we absolutely love. I have to be totally honest, I ran across this tradition on social media. It was a post with no pictures, just words. It simply said, "Wrap 24 books and open one each night to read during the month of December." I liked that the post had no picture, because that meant I was free to bring it to life however I wanted. So, here's what I've done!

- I wrap 25 books. We read one each night in the month of December, then open one on Christmas morning to read. 

- My book list has changed a little each year as I find different books. But, I think I am pretty satisfied with my current list.

- I began my book collection with as many books about the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus. There are so many great books out there to tell the same story but with a different choice of words, and my favorite, beautiful illustrations. The book we read on Christmas morning is one that tells the birth of Jesus.  

- Next, I chose books that are meaningful to me. One book The Small One was a book given to me by my great grandma and grandpa. The other meaningful book is a classic "Little Golden Book" that I loved reading as a child because of the animals. 

- If you or your child has a favorite book character, I bet you can find a Christmas version including that character. Some of our favorite include: Little Blue Truck, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Rainbow Fish, and Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site!

- Don't forget to add a few classics. Of course, we read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. 

- Don't be afraid to find something new. It was so fun finding new Christmas books that I had never read or seen before. It made a fun surprise for both my son and me!

- After making my book selections, I put them in an order that seems fun. I make sure there is a nativity story at least once a week. I try to mix up the long and short stories. I put ones that I know we will love reading all season long at the beginning. 

- Finally, I wrap them. Yes, this takes time but is so worth it! I do number the books, but you definitely don't have to! Whether you number them or not, it is so much fun unwrapping each book to see what is inside. 

Maybe this year, choosing and wrapping 25 books doesn't feel realistic. Remember, I saw a post and made it my own. You could do the same thing!

- Choose 7 books to read on the week leading up to Christmas. 

- Choose one book to read one night a week during the month of December. 

- Have each family member pick a favorite book to read to the family at some point in December. 

- If you have an older child, or if you are doing this by yourself. Choose a chapter book to read all month long!

- Looking for a gift to give to a little one or someone expecting? Gather some books and share this idea with them!

Truly, the options are endless. 

This is my favorite Christmas tradition because the moments I share each night, reading with my son and husband, truly bring the calm we all need during the holiday season. 


Taylor Cothern is a wife and mother who also loves teaching writing to 6th graders. In addition, Taylor loves writing herself in hopes that each idea will touch the life of someone else.

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