Denim! Forget the TRENDS!


It's such a BIG part of our day-to-day fashion choices! 

Twenty years ago, denim was reserved for the weekends. Gosh, even five years ago, it was still rare to show up at your job wearing denim outside of a Friday or special event!

But today, it's everywhere! It's in the workplace, at church, or at your appointment or meeting. Whether you like the shift to a more prominent denim culture or not….it is here! 

So, let's talk about what you can do to feel more confident in denim! 

  1. Throw all trends out the window. No, really… you're allowed to. Before you add that trendy piece to your closet, let's find a pair you feel good in. You feel good because they are comfortable, they are in your comfort zone, and you'll actually reach for them without hesitation. We all need denim in our closets that do not require extra thinking. Your style is your style, and you're allowed to stick with what you know and love. 
  2. Ok, are you ready for something a little different? It's ok to take baby steps! Try something with color, or a shorter inseam or a boot cut or wide leg instead of a skinny or straight! I do not think denim choices need to be a monumental event filled with pressure to try something new. So, start small and see if it's a style you could see yourself wearing more than once! 
  3. Last, ask for help! Ask me for help! I LOVE helping you find denim, and I've become an expert in navigating the complexities of denim shopping! There is no shame in allowing someone to guide you through this process! 
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