· By Grace Snively

Family photo time!

Easter will probably look different for us all but that doesn’t have to ruin plans to get a great photo of the family dressed in their Easter best. Here are a few tips from Nicole Byrd, owner of Rare Vision Photography (Rare Vision Photography, rarevisionphotography.com)

1. Watch the light
Bright sun can easily cause people to squint which isn’t flattering and many times makes eyes look closed. Find a location where sun isn’t blinding the subjects or casting too many shadows in the image. Sun to the side or behind the subjects can work well as long as the sun doesn’t create more shadows. Try to get a shot in the morning or evening when lighting is less intense and easier to work with.

2. Get your phone ready
Most people will use their phone to take photos so make sure it’s properly secured and propped up. A chair with some books makes a good stand if you don’t have a popsocket or tripod to use. Make sure to turn on and utilize the timer. (The iPhone provides 10 seconds and it countdowns with flashes of light.) Get the whole family ready and make sure that the focus is on your family. Once ready, start the countdown, run and smile!

3. Posing
Posing can sometimes feel weird but often times the weirder you feel, the better the image will look. If sitting, make sure to sit up tall and raise your neck a little from the normal position. Make sure everyone is connected somehow – hold hands, wrap an arm around a shoulder, have a child sit on a parent’s lap, etc. If you have a free hand put it in a pocket, hold the hem of a skirt, etc. (this especially works well with fidgety kids)

3. Review the photo
Make sure to keep everyone in place and review the photo to make sure everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Often, I will keep everyone in place, take a few and then review so the process isn’t super long. Once you’re happy change the setting, use prompts (such as who has most stinky feet) or a tickle fight to get genuine laughter or smiles. Most importantly, have fun being your own photographer for the day!


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