Let's talk shoes!

Have you ever considered the purpose of shoes? There are many different types of shoes and each type serves a specific purpose. Tennis shoes are typically for protection and support during intense activity, boots are for weathered jobs, sandals provide us protection from hot surfaces during the warmer seasons. There are business shoes as well as shoes that are just too cute and are needed to complete an outfit. The best is when you find the perfect pair of shoes to be used for multiple purposes.

We, as people, actually have a lot in common with shoes. Much like shoes, we too have purpose. We sometimes serve the purpose of daughter, sibling, spouse, mother, worker, etc. We have different things that we have to support or protect depending on our role in each moment. Again, like shoes, we too can serve multiple purposes.

But, would you ever consider wearing two pairs of shoes at the same time; a different shoe on each foot? Probably not. Yet, sometimes we try. I am especially guilty of this right now. As a new mom and recently returning to work as a teacher, I have to think about my purposes and how to balance them. If I try to wear a mom shoe while wearing a teaching shoe, I cannot truly focus on the students in front of me or the tasks on my to do list, or I cannot focus on my family when I am still thinking about my work to-do list. If I try to divide my attention in two different ways at the same time it’s like wearing two different shoes at the same time. It just doesn’t work. 

Now, I’m not saying you can’t have a closet full of shoes. When my husband and I first started dating I had to introduce him to my trunk of shoes. We can have many pairs of shoes, just like we can have many purposes we serve in life. But, you choose which pair to wear at a given time because they are serving a specific purpose. Let that be true of your life too. Choose a purpose and focus on it, give it all of your attention, with your best foot forward.

But wait, no one said you have to wear the same pair of shoes all day right? You can wear different pairs of shoes at different times during the day; just like your purpose can change throughout the day. So, as you tie the shoe strings, fasten the buckle, or slide your foot into the shoe, take that time to focus your attention, stand up tall, and walk in that purpose in confidence. 


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My name is Taylor Cothern! I am a wife and a mother to one son and two fur children. I am currently in my seventh year of teaching. I love all things reading, writing, and learning!

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Wow!!! What an inspirational post!! Such a great great thought as we put on our shoes every day!! And yes… we should always put our best foot forward and embrace every day every minute no matter what shoes we are wearing!!❤️ I love the shoes pictured!! They make you smile!!

Robbin Brunner – 07/31/2022

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