Propagating Plants

Hello, Grey House Goods girls! My name is Lindy from Small Town Garden Life 💕

Anyone else feeling a little down from this quarantine? Don't worry, I've got the perfect way to bring a little sunshine & greenery into your life without you having to leave the house 🌱

Have you ever heard of propagating plants? It's a super easy budget friendly way to duplicate your favorite house plant. You can even take clippings from your friends & family & propogate their plants too. I grabbed this plant from my moms yard & now I'll have a piece of her favorite plant in my home forever 💟

How to:
1. Clip a section of the plant with 3 or more leaves on it. Let it sit for a few hours to callous over.
2. Place the section of the plant into a container of water. I like to thrift for cute small vases or use old mason jars.
3. Wait a few weeks & your plant will start sprouting roots.
4. Transfer into a pot full of soil & you will have a full grown plant in a few months!

Simple as that! 🙌

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