Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the Eyes of a Child

I have been amazed at the things my five month old son has taught me. He has never spoken a word, has only “traveled” a handful of places (homes of grandparents, doctor appointments, and the local coffee shop and clothing boutique), and is still trying to conquer sitting up on his own. Yet, he has some how been able to teach me important lessons about life. 

      As he grows, I find myself observing him more and more as he is learning to explore the things around him more independently. There’s something about a child learning and exploring new things that just amazes me! 

As I watch him play, I notice him reaching around scratching every surface and object, and especially enjoying the feeling of carpet right now. As the dogs walk by, he tracks them and smiles all the while. When we walk outside, he gazes, mouth wide open, at the rustling leaves on the trees. He especially appreciates the colors and designs on shirts. 

       He also knows what he wants and when he wants it. He can be playing on the floor, totally content, and after a bit of time he’s ready to move to the next activity. To let me know, he will let out a quick fuss, and become content again when his new activity has begun. 

So, what have the observations taught me? First, take time to slow down and pay attention to the details. My son enjoys taking in all of the sites, sounds, and even textures of things around him. We too can take in all of the little details around us throughout the day, and just maybe, even find joy in them. He can smile so big, just by a dog passing by, yet what does it take us, as adults, to really put a smile on our face throughout the day? 

The second lesson he has taught me is to know when it’s time to move on. Our daily lives are filled with so much, sometimes positive, and more so lately it seems, negative. As adults, we tend to hold onto the things that happen to us a little too long. 

My son doesn’t know that he was brought into the world during a pandemic. He doesn’t know of the events and opportunities that he has and will miss out on during the start of his life, because of the pandemic. He doesn’t know that it’s election year. He doesn’t know that weddings have been cancelled, people have died alone, others have lost jobs, schools have been flipped upside down! As his mother, knowing all of these things and feeling the weight of them is hard. It’s constantly in my face, which makes it even more difficult to let go. But then I watch him, finding joy each day in the little things around him, having his basic needs met, and knowing when it’s time to move on. And for him, that is enough. So, I am choosing to make it enough for me too. 

So, take some time each day to see your life through the eyes of a child. Take time to explore, find, and appreciate the little things, and know when it’s time to move on. 


Meet the Author

My name is Taylor Cothern! I am a wife and a mother to one son and two fur children. I am currently in my seventh year of teaching. I love all things reading, writing, and learning!



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I love this Taylor! Really puts things into prospective – now to remember to do it! Thank you! 💕

Becky – 07/31/2022

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