We are Discontinuing the APP!

We are eliminating the Grey House Goods App! 📱
There are some changes rolling out that are not conducive to how we operate!! Currently the app takes a large percentage of my operating costs & with these changes it will require even more!!
So, instead of creating stress to financially make the switch (I’m not going to stress over something like this 🤪)…I am shifting to a quality over quantity mindset when it comes to shopping platforms! 🛍️
Here’s what you need to know…
✔️The GOAL is to officially remove the app by June 1st.
✔️If you have any credit in the app, my team will be reaching out to see if you want to spend it before the app goes away or if you want it transferred to a gift card on the website. 😍
🩷I built a new website with mobile viewing in mind! You should check it out! 📱 (Still tweaking a couple things)
🩷The new website has a Wishlist and Back in Stock feature!!
With the extra time and payroll expenses that can shift …. 👇🏻
⭐️We’re going to continue to make the VIP group here on Facebook Amazing!!!
⭐️My weekly emails are about to become an experience! 🥰Think….a note from me, a recipe to share, style ideas. I’ve always wanted to create a weekly email like this…and I’ll have time now!!
⭐️We’re going to implement a BIRTHDAY something. 🤪Not sure what yet, but something is in the works!
⭐️I’ll be able to provide MORE events!! LIVES, online parties, in store parties, pop up hours. With eliminating a major platform it free’s up a significant amount of time & resources.
I’ve wanted to make this shift for over a year and I feel REALLY GOOD about making the leap right now!!! 🧡💛🤍
Thanks for always letting me pivot, adjust and continue to build this company in a way that not only supports my family but also chooses to thrive on change!! When I do choose CHANGE I am always keeping YOU in the front of those decisions!! And I personally think this is a really great decision!!!
Here’s to the next wave of GHG!! 😍
P.S, It's really easy to create a short cut on your phone to the website and it will feel exactly like having an app on your phone! Here's how you do it! 
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