A Good Deck: Spread Joy

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Perfect for a nightstand or desk, this card deck is full of simple suggestions for spreading joy and kindness everywhere, to everyone (including yourself!), such as: Pay for coffee (or a drive-through meal, or even groceries) for the person behind you in line. Create some inspirational chalk art on your driveway or sidewalk—a message to neighbors, a thank you note to garbage collectors, or just a beautiful drawing, like a rainbow. Volunteer to walk dogs, play with cats, or just help out at your local animal shelter. Budget so that you can leave a big tip the next time you go to a restaurant or get carryout. Choose to be optimistic about a situation that you have no control over. Leave a few extra quarters in a vending machine. Think of something you're good at and how you might offer it to someone who needs it. Are you good at cooking and know a new mom who could use a hand with meals? Are you good at talking on the phone and can lend an ear as a helpline volunteer?