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Guide to Organizing Your Bathroom

Imagine. You walk into a hotel room after a long trip. Is the bathroom the first thing you look for?


It feels luxurious to find a clutter-free, sparkling clean restroom totally stocked with new toiletries. Whether you use them or immediately unpack your own, you revel in how different this bathroom is from your own.


But what if you could feel that at home? Finding peace and sophistication in your own bathroom at home doesn’t have to be a dream.


Read on for the ultimate guide to getting organized in the bathroom, from the right bathroom organizer to a system to use it with.

The Purpose Behind Your New Bathroom Organizer

The first thing you have to do is think about why you are starting this project. A lot of times people are given the advice to brainstorm something on paper. But journaling doesn’t work for everyone.


These are some different ideas for putting down your thoughts about the purpose behind your bathroom reorg.


If tech is your jam, why not make a video? It can be like a journal entry in video form, but it doesn’t have to be professional and put together. Remember, this is just you thinking about your reasoning behind the project.


You could also try drawing, or making a poster board or collage. Sometimes people process better in picture form.


If you’d rather type than write, why not send yourself an email? Get all your thoughts down on the document, without worry about formatting.

However you choose to process, it’s important to understand the purpose behind your project. Then you will know exactly what kind of organization you need.

Out of Storage Space


Our bathroom does not have a linen closet, so we struggled with never having a towel for a shower for a long time after we moved in. Eventually we added a tall, narrow dresser in the hall outside the bathroom. Now the linens are there, and we can use the space under the sink again for other items.


Even if your space is tiny, you probably have some wall space. Try going up with your storage. There are all kinds of towel racks on the market (some of them even heated).


If you don’t like the towel racks you find, repurpose something. Beach houses use boat cleats on towel racks, and some people use wine bottle racks. Look in other sections of the store besides the bathroom aisle, or visit an antique shop or flea market.


Learn how to securely fasten a box, cabinet, or shelving unit before you hang it on the wall. Always find a stud and use long screws. And if you can’t find a stud, get some drywall mollies (or anchors) before you hang a heavy unit.

Organized Style

Do you wish your bathroom was more stylish? If you’re reorganizing because you want new design to your organization, take a look at some bathrooms that you like the look of. Once you have an idea of the style you need, you’ll be able to work with your current bathroom and make the changes to achieve your goal.


If you have been recycling old containers, why not try an upgrade to mason jars? They are clear, so you can tell what’s in them, and they are farmhouse chic stylish. You can continue the rustic look with natural wood boxes or trays, and a new distressed cabinet to stay neat and tidy.

Need More Inspiration

If your current bathroom just isn’t doing it for you anymore, and you need something more inspiring, go for it. That’s a great reason to perk up your space. Studies show that green space is important for city dwellers’ well being, and greenery in your space can also boost your mood. Why not try a plant or two as you reorganize your space for some breathing room?


You can try a tray of succulents, if you think you’ll forget to water them. If you have natural light somewhere in your bathroom (lucky you!), try something that needs a little more TLC.


Adding some encouraging or funny signage can also help you make the most out of a small space. Mirrors help lighten up a room. A special scent (oils, incense sticks, candles, air freshener, etc.) serves two purposes: masking undesirable bathroom smells, and putting bathroom users in a better mood.

Choose A System

You have to determine what kind of system of organization will work for your bathroom. You can try a to-do list to help you plan your project, or set some goals to keep you on track.


Some organization systems come all in one box. Just like style boxes send you a collection of items, you can get all your supplies for organizing in one box. If you have trouble finishing what you start (or, let’s get real, moms: trouble with getting interrupted), this all-in-one idea might be exactly what you need.

Make Your Own

You may be on a budget, and that means DIYing options that are less pricey than those fancy organization systems. If that’s the case, we suggest dollar store hacks to make your low-budget project cute and still extremely functional.


The problem might be that you have too much stuff. In that case, we know that you’ll choose the Marie Kondo system.


Don’t mistake too much stuff for not enough space here, though. Bathrooms are small most of the time. If you have lots of people sharing the space (small houses with few bathrooms, teens who have friends over a lot, entertaining or hosting gatherings, etc.), you may just need to store some of the less essential items outside the bathroom.

Getting It All Together

Once you have determined the reason for your project and figured out how you want things to be different, you can choose a system. Then you have to get down the actual organization part. Here are some tips for how to do the actual organizing.


Group like items. Keep things together that look the same or are used for the same purpose.
Make things accessible and easy to use. If something is too hard to get to, or too hard to put away, it’ll never work.
Put smaller containers in bigger containers. A tray can hold a line of small jars, or a box can hold zipper pouches. Use this method to group like items and then group them again in a bathroom organizer.
Use labels. When you reorganize, you forget where you put things. You reach for the old location and then sit, trying to remember the new location. Install labels that are straightforward so you can find it all again.
Everything has a place. Make sure that you create a space or location for something if it doesn’t have one. Otherwise, it will end up sitting out and cluttering up the space.
Communicate the system. In shared spaces, everyone needs to know your new system. If they don’t, they won’t be able to find a washcloth and they won’t put stuff back after they use it.


Thanks for reading! Leave us a comment and let us know how you changed up your bathroom and what worked for you.


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