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  • What does BALANCE mean?

    · By Grace Snively

    Balance to me has always meant equal. When I balance my checkbook, I want my statement to equal my ledger. Back in my school days, I remember balancing math equations. Don’t ask me how to do it now, but all I remember is that the numbers on each side of the equal sign had to be the same. When I think of balance, I think of the scale with two sides. You must have equal weight on each side for the scale to be “balanced.”  I often hear people talking about “finding balance” in their life. When I began wanting...

  • New recipes for the dinner table!

    · By Adgard Consulting LLC Collaborator

    Hey there!  How is everyone holding up during this quarantine? If you are like us over here at Graized, we are using this time to try out new recipes! For those of you who haven't heard of us we are a local cattle farm in Moweaqua, IL. We pride ourselves on raising quality, grass fed beef from start to finish. Why grass fed? While it is growing in popularity for several reasons, we like to point out the many health benefits it offers our customers. Not only is it a leaner meat, it also contains more vitamins and nutrients than...